Programme of action for EU, for 5 years

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this Program consists of 20 abstracts and is intended primarily for active citizens and politicians who wish to make the World more peaceful and harmonious; the Program is aimed primarily at the EU, but can be used for any other regions of the world; with a relatively small amount of text, this Program covers many aspects of the modern economy and life of citizens; thanks to the implementation of the following abstracts, the EU economy will become significantly more efficient, while energy and material intensity will decline; at the same time, social standards will be enhanced, and the EU will turn into pronounced Global centre of positive influence; the top priority is compliance with the criteria of sustainable development of the society and, in particular, limit the negative impact of human activity on the environment;

it is obvious that in the era of post-industrial society, on the threshold of the fourth industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0), technically literate people, visionaries who deeply understand modern technological aspects, clearly see new opportunities to optimize processes and the long-overdue need for the social and economic modernization should enter politics; frankly, the EU looks like it has lost its long-term guidelines; the current state of affairs resembles satiety with consumption, immersion in a pile of imposed problems, going on a leash of the lobbies of major industry divisions;

if we plunge into the depths of centuries and compare this Program with "The Republic" by Plato (360 BC) [ 1 ], who believed that the state should be governed by philosophers able to contemplate the ideas eternally identical to themselves; we shall note: a modern politician should be able not only to "contemplate ideas", but also to successfully implement this "contemplation" in reality; for example, the genius of our time Steve Jobs perfectly embodied the ideas of "universal simplicity" and "universal beauty" in reality through the creation of revolutionary gadgets that have gained recognition around the World; I mean products such as the iPhone and iPad; I must admit, Steve Jobs' personality inspires me, however, here is a list of people whom I would set apart: Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, Jimmy Wales, Robert Bartini, Iar Elterus, Mikhail Lomonosov, Pavel Durov;

let me explain what I was stimulated by to write this Program; the fact that it is a kind of outcome of my life; I am exactly forty years old, I have lived in Germany for ten years after my emigration in 2009 from Russia; I am curious and concern, I expressed my thoughts and ideas from time to time either through the scattered posts on the Internet, or just wrote them down for somewhere for myself; it is obvious that many valuable ideas are forgotten over time, as if dissolved in time; so after writing the next post in a social network, in early 2019, unexpectedly for myself, it occurred to me to combine all the previous conclusions in the form of a number of consistent and completed abstracts; I wanted to throw together all the life experience; in such a way this Programme of action appeared;

I would like to live in a World with a mechanism for simple implementation of these abstracts; obviously, not every day and not everyone, not even everyone of top politicians takes into their head a detailed programme of action; moreover, all the the naysayers who are convinced that the EU economy can function only in its present form, i.e. in the mode of the armament drive, reduction of indigenous population, inadmissible negative human influence on the environment, growth of chauvinism, anti-Semitism, extremism, constant difficulties of communicating due to the language barrier and many other urgent shortcomings of modern society, now, I would ask all those people ever aching that there is no money for reform, to dismiss voluntarily from their posts in the EU memebrs' governments; the EU government needs only the managers able to support economic growth during a parallel launch of all the abstracts of this Program designed for eliminating all the above drawbacks in a relatively short period of time; such managers will always know where to get the money and other necessary resources;

be free, dream boldly!


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among all the sources, there are references including Wikipedia; hoever, there is an opinion that "links to Wikipedia are not trusted in the scientific environment"; however, blind adherence to such a generalization (and indeed any generalization) is already a sign of an unscientific approach; it is obvious that it is necessary to distinguish at least two types of Wikipedia articles: the first of them includes historical and political topics that can really be distorted due to the subjectivity of the author or other external circumstances (it is not inherent only to Wikipedia but to all other sources); the second type includes articles of scientific nature, describing the objective data and facts, statistics, research, simple disclosure of concepts etc.; in the majority of cases, these article in Wikipedia are objective and of high quality; they are not inferior, and often superior to similar articles in the leading encyclopedias of the World [ 2 ]; the sources used in the Program are of the second type;

further, due to the fact that the EU is a multilingual union of countries where people communicate at least 24 foreign languages, links to sources are provided for convenience both in the original, and in Google machine translation; it was implemented in the form of a pop-up window with selectable source reference; most sources, and the original of this Program are written in Russian because it is my native language; for Youtube videos in foreign languages the automatic generation and automatic translation of subtitles should be enabled;

the authors of the articles referred to by the author of this Program are not listed due to the low importance of this kind of information;

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Program in Abstracts

  1. Introduction of electronic voting system;

    electronic voting system enables a quick and inexpensive voting both on fundamental elections, and on interlocutory questions (referenda), releases the resources expended today for the organization and material support of ordinary paper ballot; electronic voting system is an element of "Direct democracy" [ 3 ] which eliminates the very need for protests; for example, Switzerland has been existing for about 150 years in the mode of direct democracy [ 4 ];

    Bundestag elections in 2017 cost taxpayers 92 million euros [ 5 ]; we can "order" an appropriate smartphone app on the market for a thousandth of that amount;

    to identify the person and activate the application, as an option, a passport scan using a camera is seen;

    the traffic should be encrypted by using modern methods, excluding the possibility of obtaining MITM encryption keys; to implement this project, you have to use the experience of the developers of Telegram messenger, where for the first time innovative encryption methods have been used making thus fundamentally impossible to intercept and decrypt messages [ 6 ];

    it is necessary to provide the possibility of verifying the votes submitted through independent channels, this will eliminate the possibility of fraud if the device for voting is compromised and contains installed software or hardware implant [ 7 , 8 ]; and corresponding equipment (for independent verification of submitted votes) must be purchased from an independent manufacturer because today, implants can be embedded in processors at the design stage; points for verification of the submitted votes can be installed in polling stations of current "paper" ballot; I note that such verification is not a mandatory action; but even few checks performed by active citizens will be sufficient to detect possible fraud; in principle, due to the fact that not all citizens will verify the vote, the number of points for verification of submitted votes can be significantly smaller than the current number of polling stations;

    the voting system program code must be open; this makes it possible to identify all vulnerabilities in time with the help of independent security experts (including for a fee);

    electronic voting system should maintain best practices of the provision of information with the aim of self-determination; before each vote, citizens will be provided a list of topical questions prepared by the Commission on issues of direct democracy; in Germany, there is a very good example of such a service in GErmany, it is "Wahl-O-Mat" service [ 9 ]; after the questions from the list have been answered, the system will calculate your political orientation in percentages in relation to each party/candidate; an obligatory event before the vote itself may be an open speech by the heads of government and parties; the point of view of the leaders of the country/Union should be brought to the public through all kinds of media; those speeches should be downloaded on a centralized web page of the EU electronic voting, and be available through the mobile app; and electronic voting could be properly conducted only after that;

    the current results of the counting of votes in elections/referendums must be shown online; this will increase voter turnout and confidence in the voting procedure itself;

  2. Reforms in the financial sector: waiver of cash, elimination of opaque financial flows;

    List of reforms:

    • waiver of cash;
    • elimination of opaque financial flows;
    • creation of an independent EU payment system;
    • waiver of annual tax return;
    • introduction of a flat tax rate;

    Waiver of cash;

    obviously, increased cash flow transparency will make it more difficult to carry out financial fraud, money laundering and tax evasion, which is undoubtedly a good thing; waiver of cash will help in the fight against terrorism and organized crime, as well as increase labor efficiency and reduce the environmental impact;

    it will be necessary to especially ensure the safety of the capital for rich people; when they convert cash into a digital form no investigation of the origin of these funds should be carried out; there should be no deductions, "taxes for legalization," etc.; such people will start from scratch , with transfer of all their capital into visible area; here we must clarify that we are not talking about protecting criminals, but about the fact that due to the existence of current possibility to hide illicit capital through cash funds and offshores on an anonymous basis, so the controller may not see in their field of view that part of funds; for encouraging voluntary transfer of capital into a completely transparent world of electronic money, the citizens should be exempted from persecution by the state; if, after the transfer to electronic money someone decides to break the law, such a person, of course, will be exempted from nothing;

    all technical means for the transition to electronic money already exist - these are electronic cards and electronic payment systems (Apple Pay, etc.);

    Elimination of opaque financial flows:

    it is necessary to refuse to work with the companies registered in offshore zones and other places on the Planet where there is a possibility for financial crimes and money laundering; I must note that some actions in this direction have already been performed [ 10 ];

    Creation of an independent EU payment system:

    you must create your entirely electronic, independent EU payment system; German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas [ 11 ] spoke about this initiative for the first time; it is necessary to bring this initiative to implementation;

    Waiver of annual tax return:

    next logical step after the transition to electronic payments is a waiver of annual tax returns; this must be done at least for people working for hire; in its current form, the declaration in Germany is a very inconvenient way of organizing subsidies to the population through the compensation of tax deductions; to a large extent, these are expenses for travel to and from work; therefore, abandoning the annual tax return will be a natural step after the introduction of free public transport (see the relevant thesis) and the transition to electronic money; financial tax authorities should automatically receive the information necessary for the calculations;

    Introduction of a flat tax rate:

    or the abolition of the diversity of tax classes; there are six different tax classes in Germany; after more than ten years of living in this country, the author of this program came to the conclusion that such a variety of tax classes leads to unnecessary inconvenience and complexity for citizens; I propose to introduce a single tax rate or a single tax class;

  3. Transport reform: switch to free electric public transport;

    List of reforms:

    • switch to free electric public transport;
    • additional infrastructure development for electric bike transport;
    • organization of city bus rental centers;
    • waiver of division into first and second classes;
    • Incentive measures of the development of autopilot systems;
    • additional measures to improve the quality of passenger transportation;

    Switch to free electric public transport:

    We have in mind not only intra-city public transport, but also suburban and regional trains;

    the goal is the ease of travel and reduction of emissions from private vehicles; switch to free public transport would reduce the number of private cars, which has a positive impact on both the environment, and spending on road development; problem of traffic jams will be solved; and number of road accidents will be reduced; I even say frankly: endless planting of cars and, accordingly, parking spaces and garages for them is an incredible redundancy in material intensity and consumption of resources, including living space; humanity does not need it; industrial complex should be reoriented to the space industry, renewable energy and skyscraper construction; all these aspects are further considered in this Program;

    at the same time, let us be clear that the transport system, that is, movement of passengers and goods, ensures vital activity of the economy; therefore, the less resistance (charging fees) and clots (traffic jams) in this system, the more actively the economy develops; therefore, an additional burden on the budget will result in an increase in revenues from other sectors of the economy; it is difficult to predict the exact amount of revenue to the budget, but I think that it shall importantly exceed the additional costs of free public transport; it shall be realized in what areas the development should be performed through business and competition, and where it is necessary to show state initiative;

    here, it is necessary to back up the arguments with numbers; thus, according to [ 31 ], we find that the expenses of the Ministry of Transport of Germany in 2019 will amount to 29 billion€, revenues - to 9 billion€; i.e. we need to allocate from the budget an additional amount of 9 billion€ billion for covering all the costs for free public transport while the total budget amounts to 356€, I see no difficulty about it; but, as mentioned above, the benefits of this step are obvious;

    it is worth noting that talk about free public transport has been underway since 2018 [ 12 ] in Germany (I often compare with Germany, because I have been here for over 10 years); there are both critics and proponents of this idea; critics give such arguments as financial matters and possible overcrowding and impurity in public transport; however, I am convinced that at the switch of public transport to a free base, all the problems can be solved at the appropriate level; moreover, in most developed countries transport housekeeping is a well-established norm;

    obviously, countries - car manufacturers, particularly Germany, will suffer a decline in the auto industry, it will have to go through for eventually ending up with an updated society that is not suffering from a surplus of private vehicles; a society more environmentally friendly, less resource-intensive; you have to understand that the production of environmentally harmful metal-intensive products is counterproductive; after all, the environment should not be polluted without specific reasons;

    at the same time, do not forget that any private car, including electric one, after the end of its life cycle will turn into about two tons of waste; and the number of tires, which in the process of their wear also pollute the environment, is simply astronomical;

    Additional infrastructure development for electric bike transport;

    modern electric bike made a silent revolution and changed the opinion of many citizens to travel, outdoor activities and even for the cargo transportation [ 13 ], it is capable to travel up to 150km a day; therefore, it is necessary to additionally develop both roads for bike transport, and a network of standalone fast-charging stations based solely on solar batteries; the calculation [ 14 ] shows that the power consumption per 1 km per person for electric bike is 10 times less than for an electric vehicle; this type of transport is not squandering energy as it is turned nearly entirely into momentum;

    Organize urban bus rental centers:

    we need to organize bus rental centers for passenger groups at nominal charge; it is necessary for the purposes of children's education and pensioners' leisure;

    waiver of division into first and second classes;

    in trains and planes, there is still a division into first and second classes; and this is a relic of the past: the poor and the rich, farmhands and landlords, slaves and their masters, do you remember? division into classes in transport corresponded to social class differences; it is high time to abolish this disgrace [ 15 ]; the point is that trains and planes should be equally comfortable for any person; if this is not the case somewhere, then it should be done; the point is also that today, for example, in regional trains in Germany, the first class compartments often look worse than the second class ones; at the same time, the first class is almost always empty;

    here it is appropriate to recall Ludwig Erhard, the architect of the German economic miracle [ 16 ]; for him, the market, and the market economy were not an end in itself, but a means to achieve social goals, such as the transcendence of class differences in the society and the maximum development of the creative forces of the country (from the Preface to the book "Prosperity Through Competition" [ 17 ]);

    Incentive measures of the development of autopilot systems;

    encouraging the development of autopilot systems, in particular, train autopilot systems, should be one of the priorities of society; autopilot systems will increase labour efficiency;

    Additional measures to improve the quality of passenger transportation;

    there is also an idea to revise the principle of garbage collection in trains: today, in many trains in Germany, small garbage containers are fixed on the side panels opposite the tables and seats; undoubtedly, it is rather convenient for passengers, but, on the other hand, it is extremely unsanitary: firstly, there is no special waterproof package in such containers, which leads to spilling of liquids, for example, from discarded coffee cups directly inside the container; secondly, and it is absolutely terrible when a cleaner walks around all the cars and, he leans over the passengers for cleaning out the garbage from these containers by hands in the dirtiest gloves; solution: leave one centralized point of garbage collection in the carriage;

    it is necessary to install more convenient screens in trains for displaying information about stops, time and speed of movement; in addition, where appropriate, to show a clear map of movement;

    it is necessary to abandon the practice of displaying advertising in trains through information screens;

    it is also desirable to abandon the practice of adhesion of different trains that run coupled a certain part of the route, and are divided into two parts later for running diversely; thus passengers are misinformed, especially foreigners, it’s impossible to get used to it; this includes the simultaneous presence of trains on the same platform which is very inconvenient for ordinary citizens; if you say in general, transport is one of those areas where people who can make a complex system simple for the end user are highly anticipated; after all, the goal is the same - people should not experience difficulties if you want to move from "A to B";

  4. Reforms in housing and energy: transition to efficient heating by electricity;

    List of reforms:

    • the difficulties of hydrogen energy; temporary use of atomic energy;
    • supply of solar electricity from the Sahara desert; further development of the Desertec project;
    • transition to efficient heating by electricity;
    • multi-channel electricity and water meters connected to Internet;

    the difficulties of hydrogen energy; temporary use of atomic energy;

    what should be the energy of the future? to answer this question, let's start from the situation in the present; today we have a rapid development of both renewable environmentally friendly energy sources and thermal power plants that consume coal and gas, polluting the planet's atmosphere; nuclear power stands alone - it does not emit carbon dioxide, but produces radioactive waste that remains hazardous for thousands of years; Is it possible to do without atomic energy and hydrocarbons at all? is it possible to build an energy system only on renewable clean energy sources? a feature of the latter is unstable energy production, depending on the time of day and time of year; solar energy in Europe is practically not produced in winter; wind farms in winter can also freeze up and not participate in the generation of electricity; hydropower, although stable, is insufficient in capacity; it is obviously necessary to somehow save the energy generated in summer, to smooth peaks and use in winter, including for heating; Germany has come to the conclusion that hydrogen can serve as a means of conserving energy; indeed, environmentally friendly hydrogen obtained by hydrolysis of water in the summer can be pumped into underground storage; further, in winter, hydrogen can be converted back either to heat through combustion or to electricity in fuel cells; in both cases, we get pure water as the end product of the reaction;

    we just have to make a calculation; How much hydrogen needs to be stored in underground storage facilities to meet the needs of heating and electricity in winter? the author of this program made a calculation for Germany [ 18 ] and made the following conclusions;

    to store hydrogen, which is necessary for heating and supplying electricity to the country in winter, we will need at least 13.5 times more underground storage facilities than there is in Germany; it is impossible to save energy in batteries to provide it to the entire country during the winter due to the excessively high cost ($ 325 trillion); thus, the difficulties of hydrogen energy on only ecologically clean types of energy sources, such as wind and sun, are on the face; it is known that in the near future there will be another type of clean energy, it will be provided by thermonuclear reactors; but until this moment, which can be postponed, most likely, by 50 or 100 years, nuclear power will have to be used; therefore, the author of this calculation considers the decision of Germany to completely abandon nuclear energy by 2022 as erroneous in terms of the impact of energy on the environment; it is clear that the thermonuclear energy of the future can also be found on carbon-based fuels, but this is fraught with consequences for the environment;

    Supply of solar electricity from the Sahara desert; further development of the Desertec project;

    in the desert, the sun is active even in winter; it makes it possible for the EU to be heated by electricity purchased in the desert regions of our Planet, abandoning gas heating; this would be a very significant contribution to reducing emissions into the atmosphere; I am talking about further development of the Desertec project [ 19 ], started in 2009 in the EU, however, currently experiencing difficulties; in terms of the risks of energy carriers outside the EU, the Desertec project is no riskier than gas supplies from Russia within the framework of the Nord Stream; yes, it is a significantly more expensive project, but it should be about sustainable development, for generations ahead; below I will show that Desertec is a relatively fast - paying project;

    in one of the posts on my Vkontakte page [ 20 ], I calculated the parameters of a power plant built exclusively on solar panels and located in the Sahara desert, being equivalent in total thermal capacity to the Nord Stream project [ 21 ]: its cost is 220 billion€, its surface is 2200 square km (a square with a side of 47km), annual energy equivalent to 660 TWh, it is clear that the cost of this plant exceeds by about 30 times the cost of the "Nord Stream" (7.4 billion €); but it is also evident that the cost of the electricity generated for consumers annually will amount to 660 TWh x 0.1 €/(kW·h) = 66 billion €, where 0.1 €/(kW·h) is the wholesale cost of electricity procurement from alternative sources in Germany [ 22 ]; taking into account the fact that the cost of power (220 billion €) does not include the cost of energy delivery to the continent, we can assume that the payback will be realized within 5 years; and then it will be followed by net profit only (!); in my opinion, the European industry may "handle" such projects; especially since I proceeded from an equal amount of energy for both projects in the above calculation; when in reality, due to the use of heat pumps, the required equivalent amount of electricity will be several times less;

    political instability in the African region, which at the moment may still impede the implementation of the project, should go away after comprehensive implementation of this Program; it may be necessary to wait a little longer, but in the future it is necessary to breathe new life into this ambitious project;

    a few additional links on the topic:

    • 23 ] Videos: solar panels in the Sahara desert; solar panel cleaning robot;
    • 24 ] calculation of 1 TW and 15 TW power lines;
    • 25 ] World energy consumption. Calculation of an equivalent power plant consisting only of solar panels located in the Sahara desert;

    transition to efficient heating by electricity;

    the use of electric underfloor heating for heating may be the best solution in terms of material consumption, ease of installation and the required area of ​​equipment; yes, for this you need more electricity than a bundle "heat pump + heat-insulated floor based on pipes with water", but the ease of installation is worth it; after all, with electric heating, you do not need to supply pipes with gas to the house, you do not need to install meters for its consumption and heat meters; you also do not need to fiddle with bulky equipment for installing heat pumps; thus, only electricity and cold water need to be supplied to the house; this solution seems to be quite elegant;

    in my opinion, it is a very good idea to use taps with electric heating for hot water supply: there is no need to worry about the supply of hot water, there is almost instantaneous heating; there is low material consumption and occupied area when compared to the use of boilers, or heat exchangers; by the way, Amazon offers a fairly rich selection of such devices [ 26 ]; again, it is necessary to calculate the material consumption of additional solar panels needed for maintaining this type of hot water supply; maybe, a heat pump would be more efficient here, too;

    Multi-channel electricity and water meters connected to Internet;

    I propose to install compact multi-channel counters with access to the Internet for electricity metering in residential buildings; electricity meters will be set only on data transfer - it will protect them from possible tampering; access to the Internet should be through mobile communications, through a single antenna located on the roof of the building; as well, water meters must be connected to a mobile network, as well as heat meters if heating is not implemented by the direct conversion of electricity into heat; all information about energy consumption shall be concentrated in specialized centres and automatically recalculated according to current tariffs; information about energy consumption and corresponding ecological impact must be available to tenants via appropriate Internet services through an individual registration number;

  5. Reforms in the construction industry: emphasis on the construction of supertall comfortable buildings;

    List of reforms:

    • emphasis on the construction of supertall comfortable buildings;
    • elimination of intermediaries in the search and rental of housing;

    Emphasis on the construction of supertall comfortable buildings;

    skyscrapers today are the shortest and the most effective way to provide people with comfortable and affordable apartments; today, it is possible to erect buildings with a height of 400-600 meters; modern skyscrapers are built with speeds up to two floors a week; thus, if we calculate the average base area as 4 x 3 = 12 comfortable two-storey cottages (the base area of Twin Towers in New-York was 63 x 63 m), we get the speed of construction up to two cottage houses per day; this is a very efficient construction; with a wonderful breathtaking view from the upper floors;

    so, if you imagine a city consisting mostly of skyscrapers, you can talk at the same time about a very large area of parks, green spaces, reserves and just free land plots; and, of course, material consumption and elimination of excessive resource consumption - in the case of skyscrapers, these parameters are highly effective; and it's not just about cities, you can imagine that the inhabitants of nearby villages and small settlements will move into a tall house-city surrounded with the fields, forests, greenery, and nobody on the horizon (!);

    the following main technologies used in the construction of modern skyscrapers are listed in the scientific educational film by "National-Geographic" [ 27 ]:

    • external and internal steel frames;
    • elevator system with cable break protection;
    • kangaroo cranes, hydraulic formwork;
    • special methods of protection of the basement wells when drilling;
    • special reflective glazering and air conditioning systems;
    • wind and earthquake protection;
    • protection against terrorist attacks and fires;

    despite these successes, there is still a lot to learn and to explore; thus, high speed of construction is achieved by round the clock work of hundreds and even thousands of workers; while a shift can reach 12 hours, and the work of builders is, as a rule, poorly paid; generally, the use of steel and concrete seems not very promising, it is necessary to find significantly lighter materials that would be better in terms of strength, durability and cost; thus, completely new possibilities in construction will be opened; for example, floor decks may be made of light panels based on carbon;

    but first of all, it is necessary to introduce legislative incentives for skyscraper construction; focus in growing cities and even in small towns shall be put on solely 50-storeyed buildings; the height of one floor along with a ceiling should be limited at 2.5 m; thus, the height of buildings will be approximately 125 m; the minimum area of apartments should be defined as 50 meters per capita, 100 metres per couple, for families with children - 200 meters per family; no other options shall be allowed; one floor should be completely devoted for a common self-service dining room; it is much tastier cheaper and more efficient in terms of serving capacity than a restaurant; especially I would like to mention here the network of canteens "Chas Poisty" in Ukraine; in this case, the skyscrapers will be designed for settling, and not for gaining profit, and that's the goal; skuscraper construction companies should be provided benefits in exactly the same way as it is done for the field of electric vehicles; these measures shall stimulate the development of the industry;

    The following should be particularly be noted: In any case I do not propose to move mandatorily all people in skyscrapers; to live or not to live in such buildings, it is an absolutely voluntary decision of each citizen; but, in view of almost complete lack of choice today, I propose to abandon the construction of low-rise buildings in the shortest term, and to concentrate on the construction of supertall buildings and improvement of related technologies; it is clear that a great many of people will like such a house; and this is an effective way to use the space and resources, with low material and energy intensity in comparison with the equivalent number of separate low-rise buildings;

    skyscrapers should be constructed at a a speed of one floor per day by a team of workers from several dozen people, working for one 8-hour shift; it is necessary to develop prefabricated panels and blocks, try to abandon concrete pouring by using lightweight and durable panels for intermediate floor decks that should not be thicker than 15-20cm; with built-in pipes for underfloor heating; you need to keep in mind that if necessary, for example, 50-100 years after construction, at the end of its life, the building should be easily either been removed or renovated (restored) with consistent replacement of all bearing structures; ideally, in the case of dismantling the building will be disassembled into blocks in the reverse order, without the noise and dust; and the same principle should work in the case of partial "completion" or partial dismantling of a building; for example, you can initially build 30-40 floors and install a roof; further, together with the growth in demand for housing, it will be possible to build, say, another 10-20 floors; I should note that it seems inefficient to build one or two floors, so in this case the question is only about erection of dozens of additional floors;

    Parking space may be arranged on one or two lower floors, but no more; the lowest or basement floor should be devoted to a compact bike parking; it should be borne in mind that the need for movement between high-rise buildings in the city will partially disappear, because the skyscrapers will include companies providing jobs, and shops providing foodstuffs and other goods, as well as some types of entertainment institutions and even schools and branches of universities; thus, optimal transport means for movement between high-rise buildings in the city can be a bike or something similar;

    the Internet should be distributed exclusively wirelessly via 5G mobile communication; a row of special cells with low frequency will be located throughout the height of the building with covering its whole perimeter; and it would be nice to nake the cells to communicate among themselves through radio or laser channel; if you imagine that in the near future Internet traffic will be transmitted exclusively via a system of satellites, then we could talk about the autonomous communication of super-tall buildings; in this case, there will be no need in laying of various cables, optical fiber, etc.;

    In conclusion, I will say that the author of this program sees the optimal development of technologies for high-speed construction and the manufacture of the necessary materials for skyscrapers of 50 floors and a height of about 125 meters; in the end, such buildings should be erected at the speed of modern cottages;

    elimination of intermediaries in the search and rental of housing;

    numerous small private intermediaries in the search and rental of housing should be excluded; a centralized web service for the search for apartments with the "state" support shall replace all the unnecessary strata; on the one hand, this will ensure the ease of finding apartments, regulated prices, which are finely tailored to market conditions; however, each unit of rental housing should be accompanied by an accurate 3D model of its interior and 3D model of exterior of the building and surrounding areas; on the other hand, such an approach will provide clear visibility of the demand for housing with its automatic satisfaction; i.e., with the accumulation of a sufficient number of applications for rental apartments in high-rise building its completion shall be performed by, say, 15 floors; however, prior application to rent future apartments in a high-rise building must provide a certain amount of the deposit, by analogy with the preliminary applications for Tesla electric cars; the amount of this deposit will eventually have to cover the cost of completion of the building;

  6. Reforms in education: mass online education;

    it is necessary to develop mass online education; as an example, we can consider "Coursera" project [ 28 ]; in February 2017, 24 million users and more than 2000 courses and 160 specializations from 149 educational institutions were registered within "Coursera" ; there are similar projects in Germany, too; this direction should be actively developed;

    any employer should have qualified specialists; for this purpose, job requirements at the labor exchange should indicate respective online courses for the applicant and what minimum score is admissible at a relevant exam; people should be able to retrain for free and get the desired job/position at any time of life;

    in fact, possibility of information transfer via the Internet allow you to scale the education for people without excessive expansion of teachers; in theory, the lectures rendered by eminent professors and school teachers can be broadcast online in any geographical point, even abroad, for example, in the countries with the lowest GDP per capita (see the abstract below); with the use of holographic imaging, learning process can be exciting and futuristic, and at the same time efficient and practical; but it is very important not to neglect education delivered by real professors and coaches; holograms and other methods can be used only to demonstrate the currently achieved technological level;

  7. Reforms in the sphere of national security: aiming at cybersecurity and addressing the EU backlog in some technology areas;

    List of reforms:

    • focus on defense and surveillance, and cybersecurity;
    • review the cost of eliminating the consequences of military action in the NATO budget;
    • elimination of the EU backlog in some technological areas;
      • commercial space development: private flights to the Moon and Mars;
      • it is necessary to build high speed satellite Internet;
      • it is necessary to create own popular computer operating system;
      • it is necessary to create own high-quality search service (Google competitor);

    The goal is to bring peace to the World;

    some of the reforms on the list do not require further explanation; I think it is not necessary to explain that the backlog in technological areas is a threat to the EU national security;

    review the cost of eliminating the consequences of military action in the NATO budget;

    the NATO budget should include the following costs: an instant (immediately after a possible military strike) payment of compensation to the relatives of victims, both civilians and military persons; subsequent (after the end of hostilities) equivalent restoration of destroyed infrastructure and other material property; in other words, the cost of each missile, drone or any other deadly military equipment should include the cost of elimination of the consequences of their use; this measure will multiply the responsibility of countries for unleashing and participating in hostilities; these rules should be enshrined in world law;

    Commercial space development: private flights to the Moon and Mars;

    instead of mindless punching of private cars, the industry should switch to the construction of spacecraft, jet motors and related technologies, the space industry must be profitable and provide revenue; Elon Musk achievements prove that even an individual can create innovative jets, space vehicles, jet motors being much cheaper than existing analogues created at the expense of the taxpayers; but it is important to take into account the fact that Elon Musk is supported by a whole state that developed a long-term programme of support and development of private space industry; we may not to be up to speed on, it is desirable for the EU to catch up and overtake NASA and Elon Musk! I'm here for the benefit of all mankind; we don't need an armament drive, we need a space race!

    I would like to note that the first steps in this direction have already been taken: The European Space Agency (ESA) launches its own commercial space program allowing companies to perform paid flights to the orbit [ 29 ]; this is a good news; we need to support and develop this area; indeed, in the coming decades, humanity will enter the era of private space; this industry will create jobs and bring significant revenues;

    for interplanet communication (Earth - Mars) or communication between the planets and their satellites (Earth - Moon), it looks very promising to use the effect of entangled photons [ 30 ]; there is a possibility of organizing audio or video communication, without delays in time even for such large distances; by the way, this technology may be used for the common satellite Internet; in this case satellites can safely be launched at a high geostationary orbit, because there will be no delay in the signal transmission;

    Financial side of the reforms:

    Let us study the financial side of the issue on the example of Germany, whose budget for 2019 amounted to 356 billion€ [ 31 ]: spending on defense in 2019 in Germany will amount to 43.2 billion€; this is 5 billion€ more than in 2018 [ 32 ]; I am not an expert in budget intricacies, but I believe that an amount of USD10-15-20 billion from the military budget can be used not to create deadly machines, but for the above-designated purposes;

  8. Measures for reducing greenhouse gas emissions: informing people about the giant ecological impact of cattle breeding;

    List of measures:

    • criticism of the UN approach and "2°C" approach, explanation of the "lack of specificity" of this wording;
    • informing people about the giant ecological impact of cattle breeding;
    • waiver of manufacture and import products related to killing of animals;
    • support for food production that meets the requirements of sustainable ecosystem development;
    • single Internet resource of European recycling service;

    Criticism of the UN approach and "2°C" approach, explanation of the "lack of specificity" of this wording:

    I am a lover of figures and statistics, so the question of the human impact on climate change remains very unclear for me; in my opinion, basic data for analyzing the situation do not exist at all or access to them is hampered; like other people, I hear but abstract calls of politicians upon protecting the environment, while none of them cite a single source where the environmental situation would be disclosed comprehensively, dynamically, simply and clearly, separately for each country, and globally;

    helplessness of politicians in solving environmental problems and even their skepticism on this topic lie in the fact that relevant sustainable development goal proclaimed by the UN, namely Goal 13 consisted in: "Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts"[ 33 ], has been put incorrectly; we are invited to deal with the increase in the temperature of the Planet by 2°C; the fact is that this wording sounds very abstract and does not push for concrete action; moreover, this approach causes most people a false link of any local warming with anthropogenic influence; while I propose a direct stimulus to actions: "Measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions", not the fight against abstract "two degrees"; but it is necessary to know the distribution of harmful emissions by their sources; however, paradoxically, this information is very difficult to find on the Internet;

    Informing people about the ecological impact of cattle farming:

    it is obvious that currently the topic of the impact of cattle farming on the environment is not sufficiently covered; back in 2006, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at the UN published a report Livestock's Long Shadow) [ 34 ], according to which: "The livestock sector is one of the main stressors for many ecosystems and for the planet as a whole. Globally, it is one of the largest sources of greenhouse gases, one of the main causes of biodiversity loss, and a leading source of water pollution in both developed and developing countries"; the sensational information in this report was that the world livestock sector produced more greenhouse gases in CO2 equivalent than the entire world transport sector; subsequently, the data of this report has been updated several times, and to date, the main figures on greenhouse gas emissions are already voiced by such famous people as Arnold Schwarzenegger [ 35 ] and James Cameron [ 36 ] (Creator of such wonderful films as "Titanic", "Terminator", and "Avatar");

    in particular, James Cameron spoke as follows: "...Livestock agriculture and meat production account for an estimated 14.5% of global greenhouse gas emissions, according to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization. It exceeds emissions produced by the entire transport sector of the Planet (13.5%)... We can make a big change immediately just by enabling people to change their way of life. It does not require a huge investment. It does not require new innovative projects, new engines or new energy sources ... More than 70% of the crop grown in the United States is given to animal feed. 70% of the available water is used to grow crops, most of which is given to animals rather than to people. Manufacturing of one kilogram of meat needs 13 kilograms of grain ... besides monstrous cruelty of the livestock industry, which annually kills about 100 billion lives of innocent creatures";

    I, like David Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger, became a vegan only in the last few years; I have a video on YouTube [ 37 ], where I tried to talk about all aspects of veganism; to date, numerous studies have been completed (some of them, by the way, lasted for decades), which prove the possibility to reject products associated with cattle farming, without, of course, any harm to health; scientists have already known exactly what elements on the micro level (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals) and in what amounts are necessary for the body; there is no matter what food sources (animal or plant) can they be got from, but it defines your nutritive culture; the only element that is not yet found in plants, but required by human body, is vitamin B12; Wikipedia contains enough information on the matter [ 38 , 39 ]; and revolutionary vegan products harmoniously combining all the essential plant elements have begun to appear [ 40 ];

    finally, let's explain to people protesting against climate change [ 41 ] that it is their diet, as well as the diet of their parents, that causes a significant share of harmful emissions into the atmosphere, namely: 14.5% of the total greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere as a result of human activity; it should be noted that it exceeds 13.5% of global gas emissions produced only by the entire transport sector of the Planet (!); it is necessary to bring this information to the attention of all the EU citizens, because not all of them know about it (!); nowadays environmental protection for children is associated with green space, but not as a way of nutrition and animal husbandry; it needs to be corrected;

    I want to emphasize that there is a big difference between the two approaches to the solution of the issue: the first method of solution (productive) is to inform people, providing them with detailed information, thereby pushing them to independent conclusions and voluntary actions; the second method (counterproductive) consists in direct proposals to refuse a particular food without sufficient prior information; n the latter includes arrangement of vegetarian Thursdays or Mondays, etc.; in other words, it is an approach outlined in the article [ 42 ], it is ineffective and scaring people away;

    perhaps, in future, it will be effective to include cattle farming in the EU emissions trading system [ 43 ];

    summarizing the above, it can be seen that a switch to a vegan lifestyle will be useful:

    1. for the environment (potential reduction of 14.5% of total greenhouse gases compared to 13.5% emitted by the entire transport sector);
    2. for personal conscience (or soul), as the realization of the fact that one has not to kill other living beings for maintaining the existence clears the conscience and warms the soul;
    3. for peace on Earth, because if everyone realizes that it is not good to harm another living being, especially safe and completely defenseless, then there is no one to fight against forever; let us remember that one of the main discoveries of the mankind was the Charles Darwin's discovery that people are descended from apes, i.e., obviously are animals themselves; just we are unspeakably lucky, we are sentient animals, we have freedom of choice - so let us choose just "peace on Earth" (!), a vegan lifestyle, assume such responsibility, and let it be not a burden to us, but a joy;
    4. here, I'm sure many will say: I am willing to give up animal food even if it does not benefit my personal health, but fortunately, a vegan lifestyle with the right approach is also good for your health (!),- you just have to choose such a plant diet that its composition at the micro level (proteins, fats, carbohydrates, trace elements, vitamins, fiber) was not changed when compared to your current diet and, of course, do not forget about the additional intake of vitamin B12;

    Waiver of manufacture and import products related to killing of animals;

    as a part of the protection of the environment and wildlife, it is necessary to abandon the production and import of products related to killing of animals; these are mainly leather products production of which itself involves the use of many harmful chemicals;

    Support for food production that meets the requirements of sustainable ecosystem development:

    it is necessary to take measures for development and distribution of food products that meet the requirements of sustainable development of the ecosystem; these are innovative products appeared on the market relatively recently, only a few years ago; including powdered mixtures or drinks containing all the necessary components for human life, and exclusively on the basis of plant components: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and essential types of ballast substances; in fact, each country or union of countries has its Ministry of health or a similar organization being exactly awared of and encouraging everyone depending on the age to take a fixed number of calories and micronutrients; but only recently people came up with a brilliant idea to mix original natural, purely herbal ingredients so as to obtain the necessary ratio of calories and micronutrients; the first revolutionary product "Soylent" was developed in the United States in 2013 [ 44 ]; its analogue in the EU is "Mana" [ 45 ]; such products have some advantages: first, it is an enormous time saving when cooking; if "Mana" is used during study in any educational institution, or at work, the need in organizations dining rooms simply disappears; it will also be reasonably to take "Mana" in various walking holidays and trips; second, the fact, that "Mana" was manufactured exclusively of plant products means that a huge amount of potable water was used, or better say, was not wasted (which otherwise would be spent for cattle farming), as well as electricity for cooking; besides, the use of "Mana" leads to reducing emissions of methane and other greenhouse gases associated with cattle farming, while reducing deforestation for pastures; "Mana" meets the requirements of EFSA (European food safety Agency) [ 46 ] and adheres to its recommendations on the necessary composition of microelements in the diet of everyone;

    and now let's digress and imagine ourselves on a huge trans-galactic vehicle (!); or, let us take a nearer future, imagine people building a city-settlement on Mars (!); can you believe yourself breeding cows and pigs there? (!) at the same time, food of plant origin, based on fruit, from own "garden" can be easily imagined; this is the whole point - a multi-planetary human species will be exclusively Vegan;

    Single Internet resource of European recycling service:

    every garbage should be marked with a sticker large enough, indicating a single online resource; we are talking about a single European service of recycling, where, by entering product name, it would be possible to obtain a clear recommendation for its disposition; the search must be carried out not only by product name, but by its photograph or the photograph of a special product barcode; for example, it is not easy for a a foreigner to understand all the intricacies of the garbage separation in the EU; I knew it on my experience when moved to Germany for permanent residence;

  9. Introduction of a single universal language for all people on Earth, as a second language;

    the goal is an unimpeded mutual understanding on the Planet;

    it is difficult to even list all the areas of human existence where the introduction of a common language will greatly facilitate life; generally, it will increase the labor efficiency, facilitate unimpeded migration and integration of people, which, in turn, will be an additional stimulus for the world economy growth;

    imagine that any business document, book, movie or song should just to be translated into only one language ... how much could it save time and money ... and, if you are a businessman, how much your sphere of influence would expand ... The world will indeed become much closer to everyone; besides, due to the accumulation of world experience in one language, it will be possible to predict an increase in the quality of articles in the world knowledge base - Wikipedia;

    according to Wikipedia [ 47 ], there are currently just over 400 languages considered endangered in the World; the 40 most common languages are spoken by approximately 2/3 of the World's population; the most spoken are Chinese, Hindi, English, Spanish, Arabic, Russian, and Portuguese;

    just think, 40 languages against 400 languages! that is, if I want to go anywhere in the World and I will need to be able to speak with any person on Earth, the knowledge of 40 languages will be insufficient! it is obvious that in the future the number of languages will decrease, and, when their total number approaches 40, there will be a significant slowdown in the extinction of languages; if nothing is done, then perhaps a single language will form by itself, but, obviously, it will take at least a few centuries to the cherished moment;

    in the case of a rapid transition to a single common language, in a couple of generations it will not be important how humanity came to this, but it will be important the fact that people from different countries around the World can communicate with each other in a slender, beautiful, grammatically and logically verified, honed language; it is, of course, very important not to forget the native language; after all, natural language carries a centuries-old history of its origin; for example, it is interesting that the names of most days of the week in German and English carry a direct connection with the Gods of the German-Norse mythology [ 48 ];

    I also wanted to consider such a widespread opinion as "language is a cultural code, therefore, in the transition to a universal language, people will lose their culture and national identity"; this statement is fundamentally wrong - people throughout history have lost the languages ​​of their ancestors; but as a result, the culture of nations has not disappeared, and humanity is now in a much more advantageous position, compared even in the recent past; culture is a timeless concept; in addition to language, it includes traditions, upbringing, education, as well as all forms and methods of human self-expression and self-knowledge [ 49 ]; culture, like national identity, can change over time, but not how not to be lost; therefore, if humanity knows one common language for all, it will not lose its culture and national identity, but will only acquire new features and characteristics;

    it should be noted that in hundreds of years, a single universal language, originally introduced as a second language of communication, will become a native language for most people; this is inevitable, and there is nothing tragic about it; you do not feel nostalgia for several thousand pre-existing, but now extinct languages? at the present time of globalization "weaker" natural languages are quickly dying out, so the future of humanity's languages, in any case, looks like some residual "strong", powerful languages; and such a future, as it seems, comes without a forced introduction of a single language; but not to wait this moment for centuries and perhaps even millennia, while constantly experiencing language barriers, it seems very logical to accept a common language as a second language of communication for all people on Earth;

    in General, I propose to make a single language of communication just as it is seen in the distant future, that is, formed naturally; in terms of practical implementation of this abstract, a new language shall be created according to the following rules: the vocabulary of a new language can be determined by borrowing from other languages on the basis of their modern distribution in the World; it also makes sense to borrow words from non-living languages that played a significant role in the past (Latin, Ancient Greek, etc.); grammar and rules of sentence construction should be simple and without exceptions; here you can use the experience of such an artificial language as Esperanto [ 50 ] and similar languages;

    a common language for all people should be free from the disadvantages inherent in existing languages; for example, disadvantages include differences in spelling and pronunciation in English or the use of several letters of the alphabet to describe a single sound in German (such as "sch" or "tsch", etc.);

    a necessary requirement for a new language is high speed and ease of learning; By the way, according to Wikipedia, the study of Esperanto takes 10 times less time than the study of English: 150 hours and 1500 hours, respectively (comparative studies of the speed of learning some languages ​​were conducted at the German University of Paderborn); these numbers are simply amazing (!); indeed, if you do not waste time studying the tables of strong and weak verbs, transcription and pronunciation, exceptions to the rules, etc., it becomes possible with minimal investment to achieve great results (!);

    there is an idea (just an idea for discussion) to use a model after the Huffman algorithm [ 51 ] and to lay the conceptual load of the language on words consisting of two, three or four letters; in theory, it will increase the speed of communication and reduce the volume of documents and books, accordingly increasing the speed of reading;

    for information: at the end of 2016, Google has introduced a new technology of online translation - Google neural machine translation [ 52 ]; as a result, quality of online translations has increased considerably but still remains wanting; simultaneous translation of speech can be yet not spoken about; but, nevertheless, when the capacity of neural networks will increase thousands of times, I'm sure we will get high quality machine translation of both written and oral speech; we need to encourage this direction at the state level; but it seems unreasonable to wait for technical means for perfect translation of speech, because it shall in no case replace the natural possession of a universal language;

    in conclusion, I would like to criticize the European approach to solving the problem of multilingualism; this approach and its background are well described in the article "Native language and two foreign languages" [ 53 ]; we discussed above that even 40 languages will not be enough for moving around the Planet without experiencing a language barrier; the European Plan involves learning foreign languages during life, and I categorically disagree with this statement - a person is not born to learn foreign languages all his life, it should not be a life necessity; I consider it wasteful to spend time and resources on learning many foreign languages instead of a universal one; at the same time, introduction of one language for all people on earth as the second will reduce the hours allotted today for study of two mandatory Foreign languages in EU schools; the time gained can be used, for example, for learning to play musical instruments, because music is also a kind of universal language [ 54 ];

    I will give an approximate sequence of actions for the implementation of this abstract: the first thing to do is to gather a group of experts and to confirm the possibility of creating a new artificial language, enabling simply and smoothly, based on a small number of rules, to express thoughts, to build sentences; to develop a strategy for such a languages creation, on the basis of experience; further, it is necessary to conduct the World's first global vote for the adoption of a single common human language as a second language; it is important that everyone took part in it; enlisting the support of the majority of citizens of the World, it shall be required to create the final version of a single global language as soon as possible, to compile appropriate dictionaries and to enable the study of this language in schools worldwide; in parallel we need to create institutions for preserving the natural native language; however, given the global nature of actions, such as world voting and publishing of dictionaries, common language should be created exclusively in electronic form (for reasons of ecology);

  10. Improvement of the safety of citizens through the introduction of "Civil Security Machines";

    the purpose of such devices is to record violations of law and order, and crimes;

    Such a machine is a small-sized device installed in public places; it should automatically recognize the following events: fight, threat with a weapon, appearance of people in masks, unusually large crowd of people, unusual human actions (e.g., sudden rapid running), car crash, search of a person (a suspect) on request; to date, implementation of all the above functions seems quite possible; at least one firm (IBM) already satisfies the customers ' orders in similar matters [ 55 ]; the cited video thoroughly discusses some of the problems to be solved by using artificial neural networks, and (as a bonus) on the configuration of Summit supercomputer;

    in normal operation, such a Machine is a high-resolution video camera continuously analyzed by an "Open software module for civil security"; in the case of identification of these events, immediate transmission of information to the responsible police station is performed, as it were, an extra eye for the police; thanks to such devices it will be possible to reduce the staff of the police while improving responsiveness to violations of law;

    Machines must be fully autonomous, supplied with electricity from solar panels located in the immediate vicinity (on a pole or a wall of a building); in addition to the above events, machines should respond to an attempt of hacker attack, and to an attempt to muffle the signal;

    "Civil security machines" can help in counting the number of people participating in demonstrations; this is important, because often the results of calculations from different sources (of usually opposite political views) differ importantly; here it should be noted that one should try not to bring people to the need to go to protest demonstrations; here introduction of electronic voting system and the principles of direct democracy may help (see corresponding abstracts);

    access to information from such multifunctional machines can be obtained, if necessary, by public organizations; in some cases, it will help in the fight against fake news;

    at the same time, as it has already been mentioned, a Software Module functioning inside the Machine must be in the public domain, so that everyone can make sure of its "purity"; it is important that people do not think that they are being "watched", but understand that Automata perform a strictly defined function and work with completely impersonal data; Such Automata can be compared to the commonly used movement-sensitive lighting automata;

    initially the Software Module will be created by professional programmers in collaboration with the secret services and the police; then "Open software module for civil security" will be placed in open access on the Internet; it is clear that due to the openness of the Software Module, many bloggers who know about programming will be able to describe its functionality to ordinary citizens; bloggers and programmers will help find bugs and disadvantages, which eventually will be eliminated; in the end, we shall get a virtual COP, indistinguishable from the responsible person;

  11. Waiver of paper documents: Switch to fully electronic document management;

    ubiquitous use of digital documents will significantly increase labor efficiency; obvious additional advantage here is a reduction in the consumption of paper, various kinds of stationery, printers/scanners/shredders, and there is no need to organize space for paper archives;

    this is especially true in our time, when the number of paper documents and books has increased many times compared to the recent past; the development of the world economy has led to unprecedented availability of printing technologies for documents and books; the reverse side of the medal is the reduction of forests, which has a negative environmental impact;

    however, if we continue to think within the obsolete paradigm of paper documents, we will not be able to fully take advantage of the switch to digital documents for a long time;

    the goal can be considered achieved if electronic document management is introduced in all state institutions and non-state enterprises, and print media will switch to a fully electronic basis; also, the need for regular mailboxes should completely disappear, because all correspondence can be received by email;

    here it is necessary to say a few words about the German universal e-mail service "De-Mail" [ 56 ]; this service was conceived as a highly reliable e-mail for the exchange of messages and documents between German citizens and all government agencies; the idea is good, but its implementation is just disgusting; firstly, double domain names like "" are simply unacceptable; you could just choose the universal name ""; secondly, paid functions; Well, it was still necessary to come up with a thought in the era of digitalization to come up with paid e-mail (!); thirdly, the need to report on your e-mail to government agencies, because initially they do not know anything about your mail; the fourth disadvantage of Germany's e-mail service is optional registration; as a result, not all citizens of this country have e-mail;

    for the convenience of users, I propose to create a universal e-mail for the entire EU on the "@" domain and eliminate all the shortcomings of the German implementation of this good idea; mail should be completely free, and government agencies should know the e-mail of their citizens; at the same time, all citizens and state institutions of the EU must immediately receive at their disposal a universal e-mail box of the form "" or "company/" (where numbers are a random six-position number); before sending a message, both the recipient and the sender are checked (all senders and recipients are entered in a special register); two-factor identification using a mobile phone will be responsible for the security of access via the Internet; the mobile application will provide ease of use on a mobile device; the use of end-to-end encryption will additionally secure the correspondence;

    I repeat, after the implementation of these measures, all mailboxes can be simply dismantled; after all, all correspondence, including newspapers, can come exclusively in electronic form; this will significantly reduce the burden on the environment;

  12. Optimization of the development and manufacture of electrical circuits and printed boards;

    the lack of universal databases of electronic components leads to the fact that each company is forced to spend quite a lot of resources on individual optimization of the development and manufacture of electrical circuits, printed circuit boards and products based on them; this increases the final cost of the product, reducing its competitiveness;

    a universal solution is that at the legislative level all manufacturers of electronic components in the EU territory shall be obliged to enter data of each component into a general database; a special group must be created for keeping this database operational; data relating to electronic components will contain a list of parameters by element type, model for simulation + thermal model, 3D-model of the housing with support for tolerance and material identifiers as recommended by the manufacturer Layout data, weight, certification, compatibility, Lead finish, MSL level, ESD level, Manufacturer reliability data, radiation resistance, packaging options, etc.;

    with such a general database, existing circuit and PCB development tools (CAD-Software) should be adjusted, as well as software for automatic component installation on PCB; all of them should be synchronized with a single EU electronic component database;

    in addition to automation and simplicity of custom selection, instant simulation of electrical circuits and construction of high-quality 3D PCB models of, now we have got new features as a bonus: they include quick tool optimization by weight (one can select items with similar parameters but of less weight), by a range of operating temperatures, resistance to radiation, etc.; the most interesting is that if we add "recommended price" column to the database, we'll get an opportunity to quickly optimize the price; it is clear that the final price depends on order volume and shipping cost and packaging, and it should be taken into account;

    by the way, about packaging: electronics industry is rapidly abandoning THT elements and switching to SMD-components; almost any SMD component can be used with refillable packaging which let avoid accumulation of many tons of plastic waste; and, if it is not a reel with elements, but a special SMD-Tray, then such a Tray should be immediately (without further moves) installed on the device for component installation on PCB; it will make the job of producers of electronic devices in limited edition much easier, and reduce the effort required for manufacturing preproduction samples; also, it will be necessary to implement a recycling standard SMD-Trays with possibility of their return to suppliers or manufacturers;

  13. Support for platforms that compare products by expert parameters and characteristics;

    the goal is to counterbalance unfair marketing, increase technical literacy of the population, increase environmental responsibility;

    the problem with advertising and unfair marketing consists in the fact that if the budget is large enough, it becomes possible to sell "bullshit" in larger quantities and at a more expensive price than that of magnificent technical things;

    here is a simple example: in a conversation with a friend, we touched on such a topical subject as "whose smartphone is better"; my opponent said that the camera in his smartphone has much more megapixels, and the battery has a larger capacity, and therefore his smartphone is better; it is an example of a person who is influenced by unfair marketing and advertising and is not able to get reliable technical information about really important parameters of the device;

    in fact, the less number of megapixels, the larger their dimensions, consequently, the better signal/noise, and what is very important, the smaller the photo file volume; according to photo format tables for printing [ 57 ], for high-quality printing of 13 x 18 cm photo with a resolution of 300dpi just three megapixels will be enough, for printing of 24 x 30 cm photo 12 megapixels will be enough; and usually a correct increase in photo size even by 60-80% does not cause a noticeable loss of quality, it proves that five megapixels can be enough or A4 photo printing, but the pixels themselves should be as large as possible for ensuring the best signal/noise ratio; now, the battery capacity of the smartphone affects the duration of its work relatively only, and the duration of the smartphone's work, in turn, is a really important parameter; generally, a smartphone with a higher capacity battery may work for a shorter time than a smartphone of another manufacturer, with a small battery;

    examples are numerous; what is important, when I explained everything to my opponent, he quickly understood and agreed with meI can ; therefore, conclude that a service where the goods will be compared in the parameters consider really important by the expert community for this type of product should be created for for improving overall technical literacy of the population and stimulatign technical progress; for example, a very important parameter for cameras is the size of the final file, more precisely, the size/quality ratio; it is obvious that the smaller the file size, the less future cost of storing and forwarding pictures via the Internet; in other words, important technical information about the device hidden usually by clever marketers, which often could not be found independently, should be put in a prominent place; it is also necessary to calculate the environmental impact for the products; and the producers themselves should be engaged in such calculations first of all;

    I am sure, such a service will be in great demand; ordinary consumers will be informed timely, and manufacturers developing great technical products will have won; for example, many manufacturers will not need to invest in advertising and marketing, it will be enough to send a sample to the office of the service for its objective analysis and evaluation; moreover, I suggest to carry out independent evaluation of gadgets and devices according to experience and criteria, of our genius and former Apple CEO Steve Jobs; these principles are well stated in the following article [ 58 ]; the main what is required is to adhere to the principles of general simplicity and beauty, and to understand what should be done, and, the last but not the least, what should not be produced;

    the service can be implemented on the basis of the consumer protection society;

    an interesting idea could be creation of a special department that forms images of future" ideal "gadgets and related parameters and characteristics that these gadgets, devices and devices should have; people able to translate the "ideas" of general simplicity and universal beauty into real devices will be demanded here; the author of this Program could personally offer options for general multi-channel measuring station for electrical laboratories [ 59 ], "ideal" TV set [ 60 ], desktop [ 61 ] and smartphone [ 62 ]; there are no such devices on the market yet, but there are already some key factors;

  14. Dynamic tax in the system of free distribution of copyrighted content;

    here's a chance to not only catch up, but overtake such services as Netflix, Apple TV and the like; the idea is simple: all EU residents pay a special tax and have access to any copyrighted content; the tax amount varies dynamically and depends on the amount of content in the system, and the average market prices; the content will be added to the system by the authors on a voluntary basis; the task of the free content distribution system consists in simple and transparent distribution of customers' funds between the authors;

    to begin with, it is meant to work only with books, music and movies; in the future, this principle can be extended to any other content, and even the entire Internet; in the latter case, it is meant that the web content owners will receive a monetary reward depending on how much time people spend watching a particular content;

    all ancient (and not too much ancient) books and sources the copyright of which is well beyound salvation [ 63 ], i.e. being in the public domain, should also be included in this system; and if there is no electronic copy, it is necessary to create a quality one - in such a way, it will be possible to refuse the maintenance of all types of libraries, leaving only a few of them as museums; all ancient (and not too much ancient) artifacts in the public domain should be scanned with a 3D scanner, in a high enough resolution, and be available on the Internet; such services as "Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek" [ 64 ] and "Europeana" [ 65 ] have been going with such activities; these measures will allow to eliminate obstacles to quality scientific research, making them less expensive and more accessible to a wide range of researchers;

    if non-EU countries join this project, the value of the dynamic tax will decrease in proportion to new number of users of the system; on the other hand, with an increase in the amount of content in the system, the tax will increase, too;

    if you look at the current trend, you can see the emergence of many services such as Netflix and Apple Music; each of them is trying to win as large audience of content consumers as possible; obviously, in this competition, the end consumer is at a disadvantage, he is forced to be torn between similar services and ultimately, perhaps, to pay for several services;

    the system will be based on an OSS application designed for each operating system; each unit of content (it can be a book, an audio or video piece, etc.) will be assigned to cash account of copyright holders with a percentage participation or percentage "authorship"; crediting of funds to these accounts will occur depending on the time spent by the user listening to or watching the content; if, for example, a person pays a tax of 10€ per month for a free content distribution system, and during this period he will watch a couple of movies, or read a book and listen to some music, then his 10€ will first be distributed in proportion to the time spent for the above content (possibly with indexes by content type), and further, according to the percentage "authorship" between the creators of the specific content unit;

    the application interface should be implemented in a convenient and simple way, without unnecessary clogging details;

  15. Parenthood and childcare reforms: solution to the problem of population decrease in the EU;

    List of reforms:

    • to equate raising children in families with paid part-time work;
    • 4-day working week for families with children;
    • kindergartens with round-the-clock maintenance of children;
    • priority restoration of people in work after the period of raising children;

    The goal is to create a demographically sustainable Union of European Countries;

    visual charade on births in the World as a whole and for individual countries, it is possible to look at the counter of the population [ 66 ]; see how rapidly should the counter increment of the population for the entire Earth, but at the same time, in many EU countries the population is rapidly declining; childbirth should maintain the EU population at a constant level or lead to controlled growth; table [ 67 ] shows the demographic situation in the EU at the beginning of 2020;

    the reasons for the growth crisis in developed countries are well described in the article "Demographic transition" [ 68 ]; this is a natural objective process, and in the future, if nothing is done, all the countries will be faced the growth crisis and population decline; the problem is also that most couples who have one or two children, as a rule, do not think about the fact that just due to such a number of their children a rapid population decline occurs; the number of people who do not have children for reasons of principle, the so-called childfree, is constantly increasin; here are two conclusive articles on that subject [ 69 , 70 ]; it shall be understood: today, more people are realizing that in modern realities, to have children means a lifelong loss of freedom, nerves and money; it's not that common to say about, and many people will perceive such a statement "with hostility", because in fact, the majority of citizens have never systematically thought about the issue of decline in birth rate;

    to equate raising children in families with paid part-time work:

    at present, such socially significant work as raising children in families is not considered real work, but is done “just like that,” almost for free; but in fact it is the most important occupation on which the future of the country and the European Union depends; spouses with children should be considered people with part-time additional employment and receive a salary from the state depending on the number of children; in monetary terms, this can be realized as a doubling of the child allowance; let's say in Germany the child allowance is about 150€ per month per child;

    4-day working week for families with children:

    to make families with children happier, I propose to introduce a 4-day working week for them; after all, three days off in a row is like a small vacation; if the parents have opportunity to leave their child for the weekend in kindergarten (please see below), they will be able to devote more time to each other, almost as it was before the appearance of their children; depending on the number of children, the last working day of the week (Friday) should be reduced in the following manner: one child - reduction of working day by 20%, two children - by 50%, three and more children - by 100%; i.e., complete conversion into 4-day working week is only possible for families with many children; the size of salaries for people with children in case of reduction of the working week should remain unchanged; wages shall be compensated by the state; in fact, parenting should be equated with paid work;

    kindergartens with round-the-clock maintenance of children:

    we should start with arranging round-the-clock kindergartens; while parents should not require any reason to leave their child in a round-the-clock kindergarten, parents should be able to do it just if they wish; when having more freedom and peaceful life, parents will be happier and likely will have more children; and children whose parents leave for a long time will not be bored, but will acquire new knowledge under the guidance of experienced mentors; more specifically, I propose to allow the child to stay in the kindergarten with an overnight stay for a maximum of two days a week and an additional maximum of two weeks a year;

    in this case, children will be educated by qualified personnel, educators from birth; the best techniques and most modern equipment should be provided for the education of children; in fact, the society will understand the importance of this work for future generations; if the children will grow up and realize that the society has made every effort to invest in them all the positive experience (and it is not only technology, but also morality, humanity, culture), they, having become adults, will be grateful to previous generations and will continue to bring up the next generation with the use of new experience and knowledge; the archetype of my idea is borrowed from the modern science-fiction writer Iar Alterus and a series of his books "Echoes of the Silver Wind"; one fantasy story by Iar told whole planets can be rendered suitable for "kindergartens"!

    Priority restoration of people in work after the period of raising children:

    when carrying out the above reforms and in the case of large families, parents (at least one of the parents) will have the opportunity to fully devote themselves to raising children by quitting their jobs; in such cases, as children grow up, such people need priority reinstatement at work; this can be done both through direct reinstatement at work, and through rehabilitation / advanced training courses;

  16. Transition to flexible working hours: 8 -, 7-or 6-hour working day, at the choice of citizens;

    it is necessary to provide citizens an opportunity to earn good money and be plenty of time for implementing their ideas, projects, or just for a good rest;

    as a person who emigrated to Germany from Russia, I realize that my standard of living in Germany, with a possible 6-hour working day and a proportional reduction in wages (relative to 8-hour working day), will be much higher than in Russia, and even higher relative to citizens from countries with the lowest GDP per capita; for this reason, I believe that the EU residents should be given the opportunity to choose the length of their working day and, accordingly, sufficient income; in this case, those citizens who realize the senselessness of the consumer lifestyle will be able to freely conclude an employment contract with an employer for 7 or 6 hours. In my case, I easily switched to a 7-hour working day, but when I tried to switch to 6-hour working day, I was faced with the reluctance of the employer to renegotiate my employment contract;

    this abstract is a better alternative to the sensational idea of unconditional basic income; that is, everyone should have the right to determine their necessary level of income, while adjusting the length of the working day;

    here is a historical reference, giving an idea of the benefits of reducing the working day (working week) [ 71 ]: '... An unexpected step was taken by Henry Ford, founder and owner of the Ford Motor Company. On January 5, 1914, he changed the labor agreement with the staff of his company, by reducing the working day from 9 to 8 hours and, which was impossible according to the standards of any American industrialist, at the same time he raised the salary from 3 to 5 dollars per shift. The automakers laughed at Ford, but time showed his point - experienced mechanics from all over the country moved to Ford Motor Company, due to which the company dramatically increased productivity and doubled profits in just two subsequent years ... ";

    as well, situations should be excluded when representatives of certain professions, for example, taxi drivers, work for 11 hours a day throughout the year (information obtained from people); i.e., there is no "alignment" on the average level of up to 8 hours within 24 weeks, as provided by law in Germany [ 72 ]; another fact of injustice is that workers hired by so-called "leihfirma" (intermediaries in employment), for example, at Porsche plant in Leipzig, are in unequal conditions in terms of remuneration in comparison with the employees of the same plant, working on a permanent basis;

    it is evident that over time, with the consistent growth of the EU economy, the standard of living with a 6-hour working day will be equal to today's standard of living with an 8-hour working day;

  17. About refugees: migration policy;

    In short:

    • labor migration - yes;
    • migration due to natural disasters - yes;
    • migration caused by the outbreak of wars by the US and the EU - no;

    The European Union must immediately and unconditionally accept its full responsibility for the war in Syria, attempted change of Syrian government, murder of thousands of Syrian citizens, depriving millions of people their own home; it is necessary to fully admit the guilt in the fact that in some moments of history, all the military power of "developed", "civilized", "democratic" states directs fire against virtually defenseless countries;

    in this regard, it is necessary to further investigate Russia's weighty accusations against the UK intelligence services about the simulation of chemical attacks in Syria by Bashar al-Assad; why, after the exposure by the Russian military of starting point of the staged filming the next chemical attack in Syria [ 73 ], i.e. after 11.09.2018, the continuous series of chemical attacks had completely stopped? is it because all the other chemical attacks were staged?

    Let us touch upon a question of increasing popularity of right-wing AFD party in Germany (and "National Rally" in France); I propose to consider this party as an emotional and intuitive part of the society, in contrast to its "reasonable" part, represented by CDU (A.Merkel) and SPD; in fact, in the absence of those responsible for the war in Syria, AFD shows an intuitive understanding that without addressing the root causes of what is happening, it can go on forever, and will result in the destruction of the EU; i.e. without recognition of the responsibility for the war in Syria, the refugee flow will continue on an ongoing basis; the "reasonable" part of society does not need to oppose the AFD, it is necessary to oppose the war and its consequences; in this case, the popularity of AFD itself will decline;

    and of course, in any case, one should not argue, ignore or deny the increased statistics of crimes committed by immigrants; it is obvious that some of refugees, not without justification, blame Europeans for caused suffering; such people are eager to take revenge on those who are, in their opinion, involved in the death of their relatives and the destruction of their homes; therefore, we obtained that in comparison with 2014, when a tenth of rape was committed by foreigners, in 2017, statistics (Germany, Thüringen) shows about threefold ratio [ 74 ]; the picture would be quite different if the EU, for example, accepted refugees as a result of natural disasters; in the latter case, the subject of increase in crime could not be touched upon;

    I suggest here:

    • first, after recognizing its responsibility for the war in Syria, the EU must immediately stop this war;
    • next, all the refugees necessitating it should be re-distributed among all NATO countries, in proportion to GDP per capita and population; in other words, the richest (or the "smartest") countries will need to accept more refugees; the U.S., therefore, will have to accept some millions of refugees; funds for their transfer, including in the U.S. should be drawn from the budget of NATO; if the United States refuse to accept refugees, the EU will have to perform this mission on their own, but this fact should be taken into account in further relations with the NATO partner; once again I make emphasis on the fact that that another time the EU and the US will accept refugees with a clear understanding this is the last time in the EU history (!), and the lesson has finally been learned;
    • the next step is to rebuild Syria with NATO funds;
    • return of refugees to their homeland;
    • The EU must strengthen its influence in NATO and show its good will for peace;

  18. Counteraction against militancy, militarism, and the U.S. global leadership;

    The US is very different from the European Union; Here is a list of some of the areas where this distinction comes into play:

    • military expenditure;
    • leave entitlement;
    • health insurance;
    • higher education system;
    • events involving the International Criminal Court;
    • persecution of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden;
    • export of plastic waste to Asian countries;

    Military expenditure: here are the statistics [ 75 , 76 , 77 , 78 , 79 ];

    the USA 610 333 336 805 1 830 59 792
    China 228 1 395 778 000 163 16 696
    Russia 66 146 781 095 450 27 893
    France 58 68 859 599 842 44 081
    Great Britain 47 67 808 573 693 44 292
    Germany 44 83 213 591 529 50 804
    European Union 206 508 450 856 405 42 460

    Apparently, the US spending on military needs is much higher than that of other countries, both in absolute and relative terms; this proves that the US is making the World warlike; further, the US Ambassador to Germany calls upon Germany and other EU countries to increase defense spending [ 80 ]; in turn, it proves that the US is stimulating an armament drive around the World; we do not need such a World! listen to these voices [ 81 , 82 ];

    let me remind you that the United States established a network of prisons with tortures [ 83 ]; in such a paradox way their democratic rhetoric is combined with continuous wars in any part of the world; the USA afford military invasions in East or other regions without good reason, a good movie was filmed about it [ 84 ]; it is obvious that it is not normal;

    in addition to the conclusion that it just the United States make the World warlike and stimulate the armament drive around the World, I note a number of other features of the American society;

    Leave entitlement:

    in the US ordinary citizens are not entitled to leave at the legislative level [ 85 , 86 ]; only congressmen are granted leave under law; employees often have a subconscious fear that if they "unduly" prolonge their leave, which usually does not exceed two weeks a year, they can be fired/replaced; the leave duration are determined by companies or corporations; for comparison: a guaranteed leave in Germany is 20 working days; but, as a rule, company add 10 additional days to it;

    Health insurance:

    The United States is the only industrialized country that does not guarantee its citizens a comprehensive general health insurance system; in 2012, the United States ranked only 37th in terms of health care and 33rd in terms of overall health [ 87 ]; this is despite the fact that spending on the health care system in this country are the most significant in the World; according to a study performed by Harvard University in 2009, the lack of health insurance in the United States causes 44800 additional deaths annually, which is about 2% of the total number of deaths;

    Higher education system:

    higher education system in the USA is provided on a paid basis exclusively [ 88 ], it contributes to the stratification and perpetuate social inequality; the cost of education in the US ranges from 1.500 to 5.000$ per month, obviously young people and their parents, if they have insufficient skills in making money, most probably, will be faced a social gap in education; for comparison, in Germany higher education is free for all, including foreigners [ 89 ]; this decision was made in connection with the fact that the government and representatives of the Federal States believe that all people should have equal opportunities of access to higher education;

    Events involving the International Criminal Court;

    the USA are the most ardent opponent of the International Criminal Court [ 90 , 91 ]; the George Bush Jr. administration under the pretext of protecting its troops fully withdrawn from participation in the Rome Statute, and called it in violation of national interests and the sovereignty of the United States; the Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said that the staff of the International Criminal Court may face visa restrictions and sanctions due to the investigation against the US military; hence, "national" interests of the United States are contrary to the establishment of peace on Earth; this phenomenon should be strongly opposed;

    The United States blocked a statement by the UN Security Council calling upon an independent investigation of shooting of about 50 Palestinians by Israeli soldiers during a protest action against the relocation of the Israeli Embassy to Jerusalem [ 92 ];

    Persecution of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden:

    The United States, together with some other countries, persecutes the hero of our age, Julian Assange [ 93 ], by using false accusations, and as it can be seen by their actions in the legal field, show the immaturity of their democratic institutions; it is obvious that it is just due to excessive scale of neglect and abuse of the principles of democracy and human freedom by the United States that stimulate people like Julian Assange and Edward Snowden to tell the World the truth about the scale of these abuses for the sole purpose - to protect citizens of their country and the whole World from illegal actions; former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, called for the destruction of Julian Assange with a drone [ 94 ]; under other conditions, this circumstance could be regarded as a call to extremism;

    Export of plastic waste to Asian countries:

    in addition, the US has for many years exported plastic garbage to Asian countries, claiming that it is properly processed there [ 95 ];


    these facts suggest that the United States can not be a benchmark for building a democratic society at least in the above aspects;

    it is obvious that the United States deserves condemnation and isolation; the United States should reflect on the fact that their methods in the pursuit of world leadership do not meet the civilizational criteria of our age; the United States should also reflect on the fact that, having an unprecedented chance in history, it has not become a world center of positive influence; here the author of this Program urges the United States to abandon the practice of aggressive "struggle for survival" and try to turn into one of the "centers of world positive influence", along with the EU;

  19. The fight against chauvinism, anti-semitism and extremism;

    everything I am proposing here is the adoption of a "Law on historical sources inciting intolerance and contempt for other races and peoples in our era"; according to this law, all, both ancient and relatively modern sources, books that have had and are having an impact on historical eras in the past and present, and contain a potential to incite ethnic strife in our era, should be republished and accompanied by comments on all controversial statements and quotations (again, in relation to our era);

    this law will help to adapt this kind of literature to the era of globalization we live in; breaking boundaries between countries and cultures today, in the measure never given before, reveals the need to counter the intolerance and contempt of other races and peoples, and even calls for the death presented in such books as the Bible (old Testament), Talmud, Tanya, Koran and other literature; it is obvious that without such a law we can not overcome chauvinism, anti-semitism and extremism in the long term;

    I am sure that sensible, including religious, people living in the EU and around the World, will agree with my proposal; after all, I do not want to distort the texts of the Holy Scriptures in any way; the idea is to supplement the texts with footnotes indicating the reasons for the incompatibility of some statements with the values of the EU in our time;

    but first of all, I note that the explanations to this abstract are the most voluminous; this is due to the fact that such concepts as: chauvinism, anti-semitism and extremism are very deep, so I paid special attention to them; I will also note that examples of critical publications (or simply commented publications) to the above sources already exist, at least to some of them; the idea of the author of this Program is to review all existing critical publications and support them at a state level, to compile own complete critical editions of historical sources that incite intolerance and contempt for other races and peoples in our era;

    a good example in the proposed direction, which created the first precedent, was the reissue of "Mein Kampf" [ 96 ]; this work is of extremist nature, but in the new critical edition all misanthropic statements are accompanied by comments designed to explain to current generation the misconceptions that led to a global catastrophe in the past;

    I will show below the relevance of all the above-mentioned literature sources, and explain the risks of reading non-critical (original) editions; I'm sure it will shock you; I will show that many of them are impregnated with disregard for human life, superiority of one group over another, including to justification for exploitation and oppression of other peoples; in other words, many of them are impregnated with chauvinism [ 97 ];

    it should be borne in mind that chauvinism is a primary phenomenon being a source, as a consequence, and sometimes in several stages, of anti-semitism and extremism; religious chauvinism, as a rule, is instilled from childhood, it is characterized by the fact that ordinary people, who do not have any outstanding abilities, begin to believe, for example, that all other people are created by God for serving them, and, moreover, sometimes they can be sacrificed; below I will give illustrative examples of such behavior;

    thus, to avoid the impression that I practise a very selective approach to religious sources, I shall begin with the Bible that is closest to the European community; I have gone to study the old and New Testaments for about two years; in the process, I was repeatedly shocked by the description of numerous wars, bloodshed and cruelty in the "Old" part of the Bible; but in general, I understood that this book has great historical value and tells about the difficult times experienced by our ancestors; it is important that in our age it is possible to detect the traces of this inheritance; after completion of the Bible study I posted a page on the Internet [ 98 ]; on this web page, I have compiled a list of special places in the Bible text; in some cases, I have left comments under relative points;

    for reference: the "Old "part of the Bible (or rather, only a part of it) is called "Written Torah", while the Talmud is called "Oral Torah"; "Torah" in the broad sense means a set of Jewish traditional religious law [ 99 ]; while the "New Testament" is already a Christian doctrine;

    so, let's start with the "New Testament": I think, is not particularly necessary to prove the fact that this literary work is relevant in our day; this work does not contain calls to death, it does not contain contempt for other races and peoples, which would pass through the whole work; but still the "New Testament" can be "criticized" at least for one point, stated in Matthew, 15: "21 Then Jesus went thence, and departed into the coasts of Tyre and Sidon. 22 And, behold, a woman of Canaan came out of the same coasts, and cried unto him, saying, Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil." 23 But he answered her not a word. And his disciples came and besought him, saying, Send her away; for she crieth after us. 24 But he answered and said, I am not sent but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 25 Then came she and worshipped him, saying, Lord, help me. 26 But he answered and said, It is not meet to take the children's bread, and to cast it to dogs. 27 And she said, Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters' table. 28 Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour"; here it is necessary to add a comment of the following kind: "referring to a person of a different faith as to a "dog" in our era sounds offensive and provokes unnecessary conflicts"; a deeper understanding of the context of the Bible, including Matthew 15, contributes to the commented version of the Bible by William MacDonald [ 100 ];

    but there is a subtlety here: in fact, there are two possible bases for sharp statements to address to other person; it's one thing when a person humiliates another with a subconscious intention to rise above it and increase own self-esteem; the other option, and Mcdougal is indirectly talking about it, when a person is far superior in understanding, vision and wisdom; then, seeing the hopeless gap between him and the other person and calling a spade a spade, he can, and it is proved by life experience, make such a person better, help him, and subsequently, despite the apparent humiliation at first, such other person is even grateful to those who directly associated their business or themselves with something obscene; it is appropriate to recall the genius of our time, Steve Jobs, often criticized for the harsh remarks against their employees; but it is worth noting that many, in spite of the style of his management, remained grateful to him, knowing that they are working with a great man; there are really a great many of examples, the same Ludwig Erhard, the author of the German Economic Miracle, aws also reputed to be a man of sharp statements, but in his case the then Chancellor of Germany, acting as a kind of damper, eased the position of Ludwig to the public; generally, when commenting on the texts of the Bible and other sources, one should grasp the context and meaning of controversial moments, while remember that every sentence on controversial points must pass several levels of expert assessment;

    now, about the "Old Testament»: you might think that the "Old Testament", describing the birth of Judaism, in our time is not relevant, because modern religious Jews study the Talmud, Tanya and Kabbalah; but it is not true, remember "Jehovah's Witnesses": for them, the Old and New Testaments are a single, indivisible Bible; I, by the way, fully support this approach: if we study the Bible, it should be done in whole and not in parts; by the way, the translation of the Bible by the Witnesses is optimal in the sense of "purity" of language, and thus in the sense of the ease of the text understanding; Jehovah's Witnesses constantly go and explain the texts of the Bible to everyone; I am in no means trying to say anything bad about these lovely, good-natured people who sincerely want to "save" us; but it is obvious that the many calls for death in the name of God contained in the old parts of the Bible can be interpreted literally by some people and as a consequence, justify possible crimes in our era; I believe it is absolutely necessary to produce a critical edition of the "Old Testament"; this will help gain a deeper understanding of the World Order, because the "Old Testament" is inextricably linked with a more modern Talmud and other Jewish books of wisdom;

    further, the Talmud [ 101 ]: The Talmud contains a number of misanthropic statements which are able, according to critics, to cause contempt of Jews for non-Jews; here is their short list [ 102 ]; all these statements must be accompanied by comments based on the modern view of the World; I justify the relevance of the Talmud in our days as follows: in the book "Forbidden Talmud "[ 103 ], written by a remarkable Israeli researcher of the Talmud, and public figure Yaron Yadan, the author managed to demonstrate to us with surgical precision the internal structure of the Talmud, to show it in the form in which it was formed by the VI-VII centuries of the new era; I will cite the author's statements here: "Before going to the heart of the matter, that is, to tell what I was guided by when choosing Talmudic discourses for my book, I will try to explain the decision to dispel the prevailing misconceptions about the Talmud. In other words: what do we care what Orthodox Jews do and what their views are? Or, even easier: what is stopping us from ancient prejudices and ideas? The answer is simple: these myths actively and in a very successfull way oppose the concepts of enlightenment, freedom and humanism. Orthodox Judaism actively opposes enlightenment and progress. Its main motive is loyalty to tradition, that is, to the realities of the "ancient world" - late antiquity and the early middle ages. In Israel, this tradition contains a serious social threat, it is aggravated by the fact that society treats the Talmud as a sacred text that can not be subjected to critical analysis and which prescriptions should be unconditionally obeyed. The Orthodox part of society has created political parties whose main task is to impose the execution of Talmudic laws on the whole state. The vast Orthodox sector despises progress, laughs at science, and, of course, educates their children solely on the Talmud and its laws. It becomes possible in such an advanced state as Israel only because the majority of its population shares the myth of the Talmud as a pinnacle of wisdom - human and heavenly. Undoubtedly, the dangerous myth of the wisdom of the Talmud is common in other countries ... As I have already noted, the study of the Talmud is still considered a highly intellectual activity. Of course, this is the result of indoctrination, which most Israelis (and not only them) are subjected to from childhood. They are taught that it is the study of divine wisdom;

    further, Tanya [ 104 ]: this book is freely available; the materials contained in the Tanya are a basis of classes in the branches of the Chabad organization [ 105 ], the classes may be attended by both children and adults, but only Jews; in this regard, the interview of the journalist Tatyana Krotova should be mandatory watched [ 106 ], she worked for several years as Rabbi assistant at the Chabad center of Perm Krai; Tatiana shared her observations and impressions after some years in the Jewish religious organizations; besides, the journalist touched on ideas of racial superiority of the Jews actively cultivated among members of the Chabad of, which undoubtedly hatred of the Jews to other natinalities and, therefore, a negative response towards Jews among other people; the network of Chabad branches is spread to the whole World; for example, in Germany, Chabad is represented in 18 cities [ 107 ], in Russia - in 46 cities [ 108 ]; there are nearly 1,500 branches of the organization;

    below is a short list of special quotes from the Tanya, a copy of which was purchased in the kosher store "Mitzvah" in Perm Chabad (2005 edition, Russian language, Moscow, Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia): Chapter 1, page 45: " ... However, the souls of Gentiles stem from completely impure Klipot, in which there is no good at all ... "; Chapter 6, page 65: " ... The lower level consists of three impure and completely evil klipot which contain no good at all. The souls of all other peoples and their physical existence are influenced by them and emanate from them. The souls of all unclean and forbidden animals and their physical existence ... "; Chapter 24, page 145: "... the Klipot and Sitra-ahara are vomiting and bowel movements ... "; Chapter 19, page 121: "... then all Klipot are destroyed completely before G‑d, as if they did not exist, as said: all the peoples are as nothing before him ... "; Chapter 37, page 211: "... and so all three impure Klipot will be destroyed and completely turned into nothing ... »;

    possible comments on the texts of the Talmud and Tanya may be written like this: "The bottom line is that in our era it is unacceptable to preach among the Jews (through Chabad organizations and some synagogues) that the Gentiles have no soul, or they are in any other sense "flawed" compared to the Jews; "if someone still considers the Gentiles (Goys) soulless, then let describe in a point to point manner what it manifests in; let him give an accurate definition of the “Soul,” and thus give an occasion for discussion and, possibly, a chance for correcting human shortcomings; speaking generally, the very claim of Jews to non-Jews, set forth in the texts of the Talmud and Tanya, is disturbing; if Jewish chauvinism was directed against themselves, then I might not write these lines now; but it is obvious that religious chauvinism, as a rule, occurring in a hidden form, is directed just against all non-Jews, that is, against the author of this program personally (!); and this is, no less than, a violation of the Single Democratic Principle: "do whatever you want, but do not harm another, either physically or mentally"; for chauvinism is the infliction of mental harm on the citizens against whom it is directed;

    UN Secretary General António Guterres spoke as follows about the Holocaust: “It would be dangerous and erroneous to consider the Holocaust as only the result of the insanity of a group of Nazi criminals. In fact, the Holocaust was the culmination of millennia of hatred, defamation and discrimination against Jews, the culmination of what is now called anti-Semitism ”[ 109 ]; this makes it clear that the cause of the Holocaust is anti-Semitism, but the question begs itself: what is the cause of anti-Semitism? if anti-Semitism lasts for millennia, then there must also be a reason, which also lasts for millennia;

    it is Jewish chauvinism that is the root cause of anti-semitism; in other words, anti-semitism manifests itself as the hostility of ordinary people to Jews suffering from chauvinism; but there is a subtlety here: the fact is that due to human imperfections, chauvinism of a small group of Jews can lead in response to anti-Semitism of Gentiles that will be directed against many or even all Jews, including not suffering from chauvinism; this phenomenon can be attributed to a number of cognitive distortions [ 0 ];

    here I note that as a consequence of the pronounced chauvinism contained in the texts of the Talmud and Tanya, religious Jews often suffer from such a disorder as chauvinism; the essence of this phenomenon is well reflected in the short video [ 110 ]; Jewish chauvinism, in turn, is a consequence of raising Jewish children since childhood, both by their parents, and in the synagogues or in the branches of the Chabad organization; the fight against anti-semitism, in turn, is very relevant in our time, because the mass-media are just swept through with the titles connected with anti-semitism [ 111 , 112 , 113 ];

    to understand the depth of distribution of Jewish chauvinism in Israel I will give now the complete series of videos (a short version was shown above in Russian) by a Jew of Canadian origin, Corey Gil-Shuster, Director of the International Program in Conflict Resolution and Mediation, posted on his page in YouTube [ 114 , 115 , 116 ]; Corey sets religious significant issues to various segments of Israeli society - from atheists to devote Jews; the answers are so shockingly straight that ressemble a series of the most acute expressions from thousands of pages of "anti-semitic" literature; surveys are conducted in English or Hebrew; in the article "Israeli Jews about Gentiles, the Talmud and the Messiah" [ 117 ] the translations of the most outstanding fragments from the interview are presented; after watching these videos the question of the origin of anti-semitism will be very clear; in addition, I provide a link to an open dialogue of citizens of Jewish nationality from the social network on the subject of chauvinism among the Jews [ 118 ]; It can be clearly seen what a big impact is made by religion, the Torah, Tanya, due to which religious Jews and rabbis, without distinguishing borders between chauvinism and neutral attitude to the world, are spreading chauvinism among the Jews; because in itself, the insistence on a unique mission is already chauvinism; as well, in the chat the phenomenon of "fear of assimilation" is revealed, which for some Jews justifies chauvinism; by the way, a ban on so-called "mixed marriages" i.e. marriages of Jews with Gentiles is tacitly promoted; I think it will be a good signal from the Rabbinate to allow and encourage mixed marriages;

    Jewish chauvinism, as a rule in a hidden form, is represented in the cinema: for example, in the film "A Cure for Wellness", 2017 [ 119 ]; at the beginning of the film it refers to the superiority over other people as a gift of nature; then in disguise the centuries-old history of Judaism with biblical "Old Testament" motifs is shown;

    a decisive step should be made in the fight against anti-semitism by republishing of the Talmud and Tanya; they should be accompanied with comments against hate speech, as is done in the German edition of "Mein Kampf";

    in addition, here is another short video from Michael Laitman [ 120 ]; M. Laitman has done a great job of reworking the ancient Jewish teaching of Kabbalah [ 121 ] at the present level, he threw out all hate speech from it; only after this, Michael is teaching Kabbalah to everyone, including non-Hebrews; however, he overcame considerable resistance by the Jewish elite; this is a great contribution to the fight against anti-semitism throughout the World; and it is a great idea created by M. Lightman, if the Jews (in the general case, people of any other race) think that they have a special higher purpose that God (through Moses) gave them a special knowledge contained in the Talmud, the Zohar, Kabbalah, the Tanya, etc., just think whether it would be the best solution to open this knowledge to the World; together we shall revise all these books, by getting rid of chauvinism, by keeping the essence of knowledge in its purest form;

    well, enough of Judaism, let us speak about Islam and criticism of its main religious book, the Koran [ 122 ]; obviously, the Koran does not need special proof of its relevance; after all, some of the refugees arriving in the EU from Islamic countries are religious; criticism of the Koran from the height of our era can be reduced to human rights violations, infringement of women's rights and violence against critics of Islam;

    only with critical editions of the Bible, the Talmud, the Tanya and the Koran it will be possible to make the EU "multicultural"; at the same time, in religious classes in schools or integration courses, it is necessary to focus on religious aspects contrary to European values; special efforts should be made to ensure that all organizations and ordinary citizens who actively use the original versions of the above sources have the opportunity to get acquainted with their critical version;

    the practical implementation of this abstract should consist in the organization of a group of experts and the creation of an online service for receiving proposals from citizens as for making critical comments; experts will have to work out all the proposals of citizens on controversial quotes in historical sources;

    due to the global nature of the activity, critical versions of the above books should be distributed free of charge and only in electronic form (for environmental reasons); the final electronic version should ensure the possibility to select only controversial points and comments to them, so as not to waste time for re-reading the full texts;

    the adoption of the "Law on historical sources inciting intolerance and contempt for other races and peoples in our era" will help citizens to avoid acquiring such a disorder as chauvinism, will help to reject extremist and anti-semitic views; by implementing this abstract of my Program, the European Union, and eventually the whole World will forget about such a phenomenon as contempt for other races and peoples, will forget about chauvinism, anti-semitism and extremism;

  20. Assistance in developing countries with the lowest GDP per capita;

    List of possible support measures:

    • affordable primary, secondary and higher education;
    • recycling technologies;
    • technologies of construction of comfortable and effective housing;
    • support for food production that meets the requirements of sustainable ecosystem development;


    The EU must channel some efforts into helping to develop the countries with the lowest GDP per capita on the Planet; it must be done if the EU is to become a global centre of positive influence, but not just for that: the accelerated development of the regions with the lowest GDP per capita is the key to eliminating chauvinism at the global level, as caused by the imaginary idea of own superiority; the goal is that in 20-30 years no one will be able to say that, for example, Africans have fewer inventions, patents, they are less developed, etc.;

    this abstract is contradicting the tactics of unleashing wars and the desire to replace the governments of countries with more tolerant, democratic ones, with the participation or tacit supervision of the EU; what kind of assistance do I mean? first of all, it is the education system, recycling technologies and construction of comfortable and efficient housing, organization and support of food production that meet the requirements of sustainable ecosystem development;

    Affordable primary, secondary and higher education;

    it is necessary to begin, of course, with education: educated people are able to ensure the long-term sustainability of the country and its economy; in some African countries, the cost of education is about one Euro per person per month; this amount stems from low social standards of life on this continent; schools may lack electricity, water, sanitary rooms, libraries, laboratories, computer classes, etc. [ 123 ]; this is a material matter where the EU can help, but the European education system itself is important, it is worked out for centuries, and today, it is the best on the Planet; do not underestimate the possibilities of online education, including the broadcast of lectures from the best European Universities; additional information is contained in the explanation to the corresponding abstract of this program;

    Recycling technologies:

    the second, no less important aspect is the waste recycling; the recycling system and waste-free production should be implemented in all countries they are needed in; it is a responsibility for the Planet, and some guarantee of the right of the human as a species to be proud of themselves, otherwise there will really be nothing to be proud of; additional information is contained in the explanation to the corresponding abstract of this program;

    Technologies of construction of comfortable and effective housing:

    further, it is necessary to transfer skyscraper construction technologies to the countries with the lowest GDP, i.e. to solve the problem of housing conditions in the most effective way; additional information is contained in the explanation to the corresponding abstract of this program;

    Support for food production that meets the requirements of sustainable ecosystem development: additional information is contained in the explanation to the corresponding abstract of this program;


    Wikipedia provides a list of countries by GDP (PPP) per capita [ 124 ]; you can move directly on this list in reverse order; what does it mean to move on the list? I mean simply offering the above activities at no cost; in other words, to offer to the countries in need the transfer of essential technologies, the fullness of knowledge and the creation of jobs; the acceptance of this kind of assistance from low-GDP countries would be entirely voluntary;

    Funds for the implementation of this abstract should be accumulated through a special tax on "wealthy European citizens"; for example, if a person has an income of more than 2,500€ per month, a deduction of 10€ to support the countries with the lowest GDP per capita will not disappoint anyone; I think an amount of up to 100 million€ per month is quite acceptable to be spent on these needs; I remember I read somewhere that if a smoker in Europe abandons this bad habit, then the money not spent on smoking can be spent for a whole month of study for a class of children in the countries with the lowest GDP;

    it is important to monitor the implementation of work, the openness of projects; this applies, however, to all the abstracts of this Program;


Stages of the Program

  1. Creation of a web page displaying the status of implementation of the Program Abstracts (already created); this web page will be a provider of objective information about the actions of the government; implementation-10%;
  2. Announcement of intentions on each abstract of the Program by the EU government; available progress - 11 - 20%;
  3. Detailed elaboration and preparation of each abstract of the Program, collection of statistical and other information; work should be distributed among experts in the relevant fields; bureaucracy and skepticism should be completely eliminated; this stage should take no more than three months; available progress - 21 - 50%;
  4. Consistent implementation of abstracts of the Program as soon as the legislative base is ready; further development of legislative acts; further elaboration; three more months are allotted for this stage; available progress - 51 - 80%;
  5. The next six months are devoted to monitoring the implementation of abstracts of the Program; possible "jewelry" adjustment; progress - 81 - 100%;
  6. Another 4 years for monitoring the implementation of abstracts of the Program;

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